Management at ANZ

How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.

Personally, I've found access to senior and middle managers easy. I've received mentorship from many managers throughout the organisation.
Graduate, Melbourne
You have to make your own way in the bank. Don't expect anyone to help you. If you want a mentor you have to work it out yourself.
Graduate, Melbourne
Direct managers and mentors are very accessible. A benefit of working at a large organisation is that there are so many good role models and if you can demonstrate your curiosity, there are good potential mentors everywhere.
Graduate, Melbourne
Some managers are accessible, other not so much. recognition and performance feedback usually every 6 months at review time onus is on the individual to seek feedback, some managers are reluctant to take time to speak with you
Graduate, Melbourne
Management are great mentors and usually very interested in staff development. Training and career progression pathways are encouraged from top level management and this filters down throughout the organisation. Managers are usually supportive of staff and flexible.
Graduate, Melbourne
My immediate manager is very accessible for her employees and those a step below. Upper management can be a bit more elusive.
Graduate, Melbourne
Direct manager are open and available to discuss things with you. Regular communication with line manager regarding development and performance feedback.
Graduate, Hastings
Senior leaders are approachable and open to discussion. There are some great mentors around but you have to make an effort to look for one who is a good fit. Good work gets recognised at team meetings.
Entry level, Auckland
Open plan floor - for the most part we all sit together. Managers are mates and we all work and encourage each other. Senior management are accessible for grads/ex-grads
Graduate, Sydney
My manager in particular is extremely approachable and caring. Goes above and beyond to teach and assist. Always provides constructive feedback and praise as required
Graduate, Sydney
Highly dependent on manager and team and whether you can find the right mentors that click, just like any relationship building exercise. not everyone you can get along with so well
Entry level, Sydney
I think you get what you put in - if you want more mentoring, ask for it. But managers who take on grads or hire you for permanent positions are usually keen on staff engagement and want to develop you. In my experiences, the managers of the teams that I decided to move into have all been fantastic with praise and recognition, with developing staff, and with feedback on performance and how you can improve.
Midlevel, Auckland
Very accessible. yes good mentors - good feedback and praise
Graduate, Blenheim
The managers are accessible. Internal communication is poor. Performance feedback, praise and recognition is good.
Graduate, Melbourne
Line managers are very accessible, and happy to answer questions. Communication with the more senior managers who are based elsewhere is more difficult
Graduate, Christchurch
In Head Office, senior managers are very accessible as everyone works with their team instead of being segmented by seniority. The ones at the very top are a harder to access, but they still make time to catch up with us on occasion.
Graduate, Auckland