Sustainability at ANZ

Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.

Newest building is highly energy efficient, recycling is encouraged and minimisation of paper waste
Entry level, Melbourne
833 Collins Street is a 6 Green Star building and employees are constantly encouraged to think about the environment before printing documents and emails etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
Having energy efficient buildings and emphasis on recycling.
Entry level, Wellington
quite a few processes that are still very manual/ paper based but emphasis in placed on trying to remove those
Graduate, Auckland
Recycled paper is used, staff are encouraged to only print what they need to, process changes are put in place to reduce the amount of paper used, lights turn off automatically, staff are encouraged to shut down computers at night, the new Head Office building uses solar power and other initiatives to reduce carbon footprint.
Graduate, Melbourne
They have sustainability targets, and they attempt to ensure the office buildings are green.
Graduate, Melbourne
Don't know of any. Still very paper-based organisation. Computers running all the time.
Entry level, Auckland
We�re in a 6 star green building and efforts are made to reduce carbon footprint.
Graduate, Sydney
I wish there was more focus. But turning off paper statements for customers is a good start and sensor triggered lights were a good initiatives
Midlevel, Auckland
ANZ is implementing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and invest in green technology/energy.
Graduate, Melbourne
Again, no interest in this to be honest but I know that head office is environmentally friendly with their wind turbine things on the roof and what not
Experienced, Melbourne
The company here is moving to become paperless which will really reduce the carbon footprint
Graduate, Christchurch