Training & Personal Development at ANZ

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

Various training programs are offered. I have had the opportunity to undertake ITIL Foundation certification as part of my role.
Graduate, Melbourne
Grad programs are aimed at basic levels that do not account for varying levels of experience. Other programs are all online based and grad rotation cost centres will often not be willing to pick up the cost of it so you can't do it.
Graduate, Melbourne
Graduate Program provides excellent training and career planning advice. Although many employees do not receive any formal or informal training, ANZ is more than willing to provide further development opportunities for those who seek them
Graduate, Melbourne
Finance specific - Multiple training days per year focusing on technical skills - Plenty of online courses ranging from excel to written communication - Plenty of face to face run courses covering pretty every topic in a business sense
Entry level, Wellington
Certain training sessions are organized but could be better in terms of consistency for all graduates. you do learn a lot on the job though
Graduate, Auckland
There are a number of internal training available and also the organisation has supported and paid for external training (I've done a digital marketing certificate with the Marketing Association).
Entry level, Auckland
A lot of online training is involved. No in person training except for development days. Second development day around Personal Development was the best.
Graduate, Brisbane
Leadership, professional development, presentation/communication training programmes
Graduate, Mlebourne
Graduate training was fantastic and comprehensive. Unfortunately due to budget cuts, they no longer provide as much support as before
Entry level, Sydney
There are a lot of online courses available to complete at your own time, it's finding the time that's hard. However, there could be more formal training courses.
Entry level, Auckland
The graduate program PD days. I've picked up project management skills, public speaking skills, networking and communication skills.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is an induction for all graduates which is very useful, but there is not so much training around how to do the day to day role and this is mostly picked up through asking people
Graduate, Christchurch
Personally have been exposed to a variety of sectors and had access to leadership development days (part of the grad programme). Also learnt a lot of skills in terms of the systems the company uses.
Graduate, Auckland