Working Hours at ANZ

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

I usually work 8am to 5pm most days, with an occasional day worked from home.
Graduate, Melbourne
Flexible but the work still needs to be done. If i take leave I have to make up the time lost by working double hours until i catch up.
Graduate, Melbourne
Usually work 8 to 10 hours per day, but may work up to 12 hours per day during busy periods. Hours depend on your team and area of work, however from the four teams I have worked in, all have been very accommodating and flexible with working hours
Graduate, Melbourne
Hours are flexible, however you are expected to work quite long hours when there is a deadline to meet.
Graduate, Perth
It is very flexible. You might have to put in a few more hours during the month end and year end process, other time of the year, you don't work as many hours. If you need to get out of work early or come in late, just let your team know and you shouldn't expect any issues.
Entry level, Wellington
As long as you get your work done within timelines then all the managers I've had have been very flexible. The systems also allow you to work remotely in case you need to be away from the office.
Entry level, Auckland
I normally do a 9-10 hour day. The company is very flexible. We have remote access cards which allows us to log on to the network when not in the office.
Graduate, Brisbane
As a Team Leader I generally work about 9 hour days. The company is quite flexible when it comes to work arrangements, but I personally feel it's important to be visible and in the office if there's ever any issues that need to be sorted.
Graduate, Melbourne
Often required to work additional hours (nights, weekends) due to volume of client requests and work from managers. Inflexible due to team meetings and client business hours. Not offered the choice to work from home.
Entry level, Auckland
This is driven by what area of the bank you are in and what is happening in that business unit at any one point in time. In my first rotation my team were in at 8am and were gone by 5pm. In my current role the hours are a little longer dependent on work flow and deadlines. There are other business units that work much longer hours constantly - whether this is driven by the sheer amount of work or whether it is cultural, I am unsure
Graduate, Brisbane
I typically work from 8.30 to 5.30 but this can depend on the time of year and my workload/deadlines
Graduate, Mlebourne
Currently long but by choice. Overall company (and my team specifically) is incredibly flexible with hours - one of the absolute best things about the company. Really believe in work life balance.
Entry level, Auckland
good flexibility - work long hours when required but have flexible start/finish times when required
Graduate, Blenheim
The flexibility is great, however almost everyone works much longer hours than the standard 8.30-5 as the job really demands it
Graduate, Christchurch
Quite flexible. The corporate culture on my floor is work hard play hard so many people don't take a full 1 hr lunch break and work past 5, for example, but there are also some people who do leave on the dot etc. No one cares as long as you get your work done. Note that this is different for other teams, some of whom get in late and leave later, etc.
Graduate, Auckland