Office & Workplace at ANZ

Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.

Various offices around the city, all with good facilities and locations. Dress varies from office to office, from full-suits + ties at head office and slacks and shirts at other offices. Attire can also be team-specific.
Graduate, Melbourne
Head office is very impressive - interesting and stimulating for employees, although the location is not ideal. Dress code is smart casual to professional.
Entry level, Melbourne
ANZ Centre at 833 Collins street is a world leader in sustainability and flexible working spaces. Dress code is Business formal and many teams have business casual dress on Fridays
Graduate, Melbourne
dress code is office attire - suit ties are optional depending on role no casual days office location is good, facilities are reasonable hot desking has been introduced which is irritating
Graduate, Melbourne
Brilliant spacious office space with plenty of light Dress code - Business Attire
Entry level, Wellington
Quite Wonderful, full of light, clean, dress is corporate attire although there is some leniency for cardigans etc
Graduate, Auckland
Nice building and facilities. professional dress code with casual Fridays in certain non-customer facing teams
Graduate, Auckland
The offices are clean and modern. Computers and other electronic devices are new and in good working order. Most floors will "hot desk", which means you do not have an assigned desk but are free to move around each day. Dress code is corporate. Some teams dress more causally than others (men not wearing a tie, women in brighter colours). Head Office also has "Casual Fridays" where jeans / clean casual clothing can be worn.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very modern and flexible working space.
Graduate, Dunedin
Dress code is business, however is evolving (i.e. less use of ties, etc.). The office itself is fantastic. You are able to connect wirelessly to the network throughout the office, and also easily from home. There is plenty of transport to the offices, as well as ample cafes surrounding.
Graduate, Melbourne
I really like the Dockland office - it's a fairly new building and the design is open with lots of interesting furniture. The location of some of the city offices is also really good for general lunch options, meeting up with friends for lunch etc. Dress code is business attire
Graduate, Melbourne
Head Office in Docklands is amazing. Most teams there will have casual Fridays which is great, and during the week the dress code isn't overly formal. In branch we obviously wear uniform and the facilities are nowhere near as nice!
Experienced, Melbourne
Brand new facilities only renovated 4 months ago. A class
Graduate, Hobart
The office space in Christchurch is not very good, but this is largely as a result of the 2011 earthquake. A new building is under construction and likely to be completed in 2017. At present there are not enough seats for everyone to work in the office. In other parts of the country the office space is much better. The dress code is very flexible, generally if people are going to a customer meeting they will dress more formally but usually the dress code is quite relaxed which is great.
Graduate, Christchurch