Akshay David Aristocrat Graduate

Akshay David

University of Technology Sydney
Akshay studying Electrical Engineering at University of Technology Sydney

I’m a an electrical engineering student from University of Technology Sydney on my sixth month as an intern at Aristocrat.

Originally I started here as an intern for 3 months to do some firmware testing for new printers but as I met different people in the department I was given the opportunity to assist with various projects and even given  responsibility over a few small projects. Although most of the employees in the engineering department (hardware) have many years of experience, they have been very helpful in assisting me in my learning.

The workplace culture is one of my favourite things about the company, everyone is friendly and very helpful. Although the office is almost 2 hours travel for me, I don’t mind it because I really enjoy working here. I would definitely recommend Aristocrat to anyone looking to start off their engineering career, there’s much that can be learned in the great work environment we have here at Aristocrat.