Jeremy Pollicina

Jeremy Pollicina

Macquarie University
Finance Graduate
Jeremy studied Bachelor Commerce at Macquarie University

What's your job about?

Aristocrat Leisure Limited is an ASX100 listed company and one of the world’s leading providers of gaming solutions. As a finance graduate at Aristocrat I am subject to a 2 year rotation, learning and assisting in the areas of Group Finance and ANZ & APAC Commercial Accounting. The departments included and not limited to are; Financial Accounting, Taxation, Commercial Accounting, Group Reporting, Risk & Audit and Shared Services.

The program structure has allowed me to build a detailed understanding of the finance department as the ability to rotate ensures that I’m constantly learning something new and interesting. Rotating through the business also has enabled me to gain an overarching view of each interconnecting department within finance, and their importance to the global business. Each new role has come with new tasks and responsibilities, and has also assisted in building new relationships and gaining a better understanding of the Aristocrat business and the industry we work in.

What's your background?

I was born and raised in Sydney; I have interest in art, music and travel. Throughout my schooling years I always had an interest in numbers and maths, I loved the definitive nature behind it, the fact that there was no subjectivity there was always a correct answer. In high school I had a deep interest into business studies but funnily enough didn’t enjoy the finance related studies. However upon finishing school I made the decision to venture into University study at Macquarie University and found that my major interest now lied in finance and economics, it was the broad spectrum of potential study options which helped assist me in seeing where my interest lied.

While studying I worked part time at a local RSL club were I got involved in the gaming industry. The role exposed me to not only product knowledge but also customer and supplier interactions. In coming to the completion of my University study an opportunity presented itself in the role as Finance Graduate at Aristocrat. My background knowledge into the industry and the company through my part-time work, in addition to the opportunity to work for an ASX100 global company formed my decision to apply. I’m now privileged at the opportunity to work for an ever growing global business with countless learning and growth opportunities.  

Could someone with a different background do your job?

It may sound tacky but personally I believe that if someone has the motivation and drive to work in an occupation there’s no reason why they can’t. In saying this, of course it is easier to work in a role where you have background knowledge into the industry and the department you wish to work in, for example an accounting or finance degree would be very helpful in the role I’m currently in, however there’s always ways to get to where you want to be.  Aristocrat is a very supportive company to work for also, there’s constant assistance and learning opportunities and everyone is willing to help you get to where you want to be.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Three main things:

Working for an ever growing and evolving global company, Aristocrat is a leading provider in the industry which excites me for potential future opportunities in the business as it grows and changes.
Exposure, as a finance graduate I’m constantly working cross functionally and the movement between different departments ensures that I’m filling up my skill set and continuing to network, frequently meeting new business contacts, both internally and externally.
The ability to do rotations throughout the finance department allows me to build a better understanding of my potential interest and aids in forming a decision into where I want my career to go into the future.

What are the limitations of your job?

The major limitation to the role would be the inability to gain a detailed understanding of one department or process as despite the positive aspects of rotating, it’s also has its downfalls as staying in a department for a short period of time sometimes limits your ability to gain a detailed understanding of that role.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • Make the most of your time at University, if there’s subjects or interests you have utilise the opportunity you have to make the most of the learning experience, if you’re interested in something you’ll enjoy studying it.  
  • Speak to university lectures and workers from the industry you want to work in, make use of their expertise and knowledge to help you better understand what lies ahead and what you can be doing to prepare yourself for your future career prospects.
  • Make the most of internships and potential overseas work opportunities, they are valuable learning experiences which can help assist in your decision making process if you’re unsure of what you may want to do, but are also very valuable when it comes to applying for entry-level jobs.