Nicole Hargreaves

Nicole Hargreaves

Griffith University
ANZ Business Graduate
Nicole studied B.Business (Marketing) & B.International Business at Griffith University

What's your job about?

I am an ANZ Business Graduate for Aristocrat who are a market-leading, global gaming technology company. My role involves rotating through various departments for roughly 3 months at a time in the following departments; Systems, Program Management, Marketing, Sales, Sales Operations, Service and shorter rotations across HR, Finance, D&D, Legal and Commercial. Over the year that I have worked for Aristocrat I have been exposed to high level strategy planning, spent a week at a customer venue understanding the Aristocrat system, attended sales calls, written articles for various publications and completed project charters. I was drawn to this role due to its diverse nature and the opportunity to develop my skill set outside of my specialised area of study which was marketing. I am able to get a holistic view of the business and a true understanding of how each department contributes to the bigger picture.

What's your background?

I am originally from Gold Coast, Queensland and relocated to Sydney in January 2016 for the ANZ Business Graduate position with Aristocrat due to the amazing opportunity that presented itself. I knew if I were to stay on the Gold Coast I wouldn’t be able to get the career progression or exposure to a global business due to the lack of big industries and global companies located in Queensland. I have now been settled in Sydney for a year now and am loving what the fast paced city has to offer and truly believe it was the best move I could’ve made for my career.

During university I took every opportunity that presented itself and for a period of time I was working two jobs whilst maintaining full-time study. I was managing a local retail store whilst also working for a small business as a marketing assistant and practically applying the knowledge I was learning at university at the time. I am very passionate about travel and would work two jobs so that in the university holidays I could travel the world and in the 4 years of my degree I managed to travel to 17 different countries. I believe the best thing I ever did for my career was go on an internship, facilitated through my University, to New York for 6 weeks during university holidays. The exposure to a global business and working in another culture was an invaluable experience.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

I believe that people with different backgrounds and degrees could easily do this job. This program is all about learning and there is no expectation for pre-requisite or specialised knowledge. In each rotation you are given the opportunity to learn from a variety of people in conjunction with the graduate program that facilitiates upskilling in certain areas necessary for business. I believe that someone doing my jobs needs to be adaptable to change, good at relationship management, be open minded, is passionate and driven.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Over the year I have worked at Aristocrat the coolest thing about the job is being exposed to high level strategy. Ultimately I want to end up in a position of leadership and being exposed to strategic thinking is invaluable to my career. It is great to understand the process it takes to pull together a strategy and to understand the business goals and vision.

What are the limitations of your job?

The limitations of this job is that there is no consistent roles and responsibilities as they will change every 3 months for each rotation. Another limitation I would say that when comparing my role to that of a marketing graduate, I am not getting two years experience in my specialised area however, the knowledge I am gaining in this role is very holistic and will help me for future management positions.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • Take every opportunity that comes your way whether it be internships or participating in university clubs as you want something to differentiate yourself from all the other graduates.
  • Stay connected with those that you meet at University. LinkedIn is a powerful tool and you should build your profile at the start of university to connect with those you meet. It is also a fantastic tool to look for jobs at the end of your degree.
  • If you are after a graduate program, start the search at the start of your final year as some companies start looking a year prior to intake.