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Asahi Beverages

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Madeleine Grimsey

After completing my graduate year at Asahi, I now work in the Digital and Data Science team as the UX Architect & Design Strategist. However, during my graduate year a typical day may look something like this:

8:30 AM

To kick start my day, I brew myself a cup a coffee and sit outside to reply to any MS Teams chats and plan my day ahead.

9:30 AM

My first meeting is a virtual daily stand-up with my project team. This is a time where we can catch up and discuss our plan of attack for the day ahead. These sessions are great to discuss any roadblocks I may be facing and get the support and guidance I need from my team to deliver my project work. 

10 AM

I am now able to set some time aside to focus on my project deliverables and prepare for a presentation I have with some key stakeholder’s midday.

12 PM

Presentation time! Working on cross-functional projects means lots of input and iterative feedback from various stakeholders. While these are nerve racking- it’s great exposure and practise! After presenting, my manager gives me a quick call to debrief.

1 PM

Time to go into the office for a workshop with my project team! I hop on the tram to Southbank, and grab a quick coffee and sandwich on the way in. I enjoy my lunch at the office kitchen and have a casual chat with my project team prior to the workshop.

2 PM

The workshop is interactive and full of great ideas and opinions. I really enjoy these sessions for their productive and fun atmosphere!

3 PM

After the workshop I head to my desk to document some of my key takeaways from the workshop. I am also able to squeeze in some work based on the feedback from my earlier presentation.

5 PM

Time to head down to the office bar, unwind and meet some new people in the business. The bar is a great opportunity to socialise and learn more about other functions in a relaxed environment. It is also a time to connect with the other MTs and hear all about their day and projects over a freshly poured beer.