As a law firm, we are dynamic, self-reflective and agile. Internationalism is part of the fabric of our organisation. What will this mean to you?

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Move your mind
Aim beyond pure legal knowledge. Beyond commercial advice. Be known for something more: a clarity of thought and an instinct for problem solving that can influence leading businesses and organisations the world over.

Easy? Hardly. Our ambition as a firm means we need people with a rare kind of mindset: an openness to the way you work, an agility to the way you think, and a strong desire to keep evolving as a professional.

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Ashurst offers clerkship programs for law students in each of our offices across Australia.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra

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Graduate Stories

Mary Ashurst Graduate Image
University of New South Wales
Mary studied Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Media, University of New South Wales
Rebecca Ashurst Graduate Image
Australian National University
Rebecca studied Bachelor of Law (LLB), Australian National University
Thomas Ashurst Graduate Image
University of Melbourne
University of Sydney
Tom studied a Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne and Masters of Law (JD), University of Sydney