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Training & Personal Development at Ashurst

8.9 rating for Training, based on 21 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
There are formal training modules for graduates as well as weekly training for the entire team from experts in their field. Professional communication; substantive law concepts
Specific graduate training is scheduled throughout the year. In addition there is ongoing support from the firm for the mandatory Practical Legal Training (PLT) component of our learning
Graduates have weekly training on legal expertise and professional development
The training suite offered at Ashurst is comprehensive. In addition to technical legal skills such as legislative interpretation and research, there is a wealth of soft skill based research that has been immensely helpful to me personally
The training sets Ashurst apart from other firms. There are lots of training programs (both skills training and sessions on substantive law). Training continues throughout your career in law
Training is comprehensive on general practice and areas of law relevant to all graduates across the firm. There is also targeted training specific to various practice teams
We undertake weekly training or learning and development sessions as part of the graduate program. The content of the sessions range from communication skills, drafting workshops and general IT workshops. We have also had experienced lawyers from each team come and speak to us about the types of matters their teams work on and tips for career progression
The knowledge and education component of the Ashurst Graduate Programme is phenomenal. We have almost weekly graduate training sessions on top of the usual training sessions available to the whole firm. I also find my colleagues' willingness to take time out to give me on-the-job training to be particularly excellent