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Working Hours at Ashurst

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Realistically, there will always be long days and short days. Managers are great at balancing workloads and there is flexibility during the day around when matters/work are due
My work hours are flexible but demanding. I have been given a lot of autonomy and important work which requires me to manage my own time.
No pressure to stay back unless needed. Expectations to perform well are high, but this is not to be done at the expense of your well-being. If matters require late and weekend contact hours, this does not go unnoticed
Ashurst is a top tier commercial law firm. This requires you to work long hours when required. However, I have not experienced a culture of presenteeism at Ashurst.
There are time when you need to stay back late at work in order to meet client deadlines or close deals. On other days, once you have finished your tasks, you can go home on time if you are not needed for anything else
At times it can be long hours if the team is busy. However, it is a collaborative team environment and everyone works together to contribute equally to finish tasks.
It depends on which team you are working in. Generally, work hours are acceptable and not too long. Our firm is understanding in terms of employees having lives outside of work, and is willing to accommodate for some flexibility
Quite flexible - lots of people in my team work quite late, however, I prefer to work in the morning so I come in earlier and leave earlier