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Chloe O'Bryan

6.45 AM

My alarm goes off and I get up early to allow time for a big breakfast to prepare for the day ahead.

8.30 AM

I’ve been put on a project with an Australian utilities’ player, so my team and I work at the client office Monday to Thursday, with Fridays spent at the A.T. Kearney office. It’s a Tuesday, so after a nice walk from the train station I arrive at client office, chat with some of the team who have arrived early and check my emails. There's usually an early 'to do list' from my manager of things he hopes our stream will achieve today, and feedback on any work sent last night. He has a meeting this morning at the same time as our regular stand-up with the client so has asked me to present my stream's update. I quickly scan the information so I am prepared, then work on any changes he has suggested overnight.

9.30 AM

AT Kearney graduate in a work meeting

The client arrives for the daily stand-up, where a member from each stream updates them on yesterday's progress, what they hope will be achieved today and any potential issues that might hold things up. This is quite long but it’s a good way to keep up to date with the other streams’ work. One of the client team members asks me a few unexpected questions after my update. This could be daunting as an intern, but I'm happy when I'm able to give good answers!

10.15 AM

Like clockwork, a group of us leave every morning for a much-needed 10.15 caffeine hit. This is a good excuse for a breath of fresh air and a bit of a chat as well - the mornings are usually quiet as everyone gets started on their work for the day. We return to the office and continue working - today I'm creating an Excel template that will pull out and compare pricing data. This involves a few new Excel functions that I've never used, so I'm working closely with one of my peers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

12.30 PM

A group of us head outside to enjoy lunch in the sun. I always enjoy this part of the day; it's nice to get a chance to chat to everyone outside the project room. This is a big team - about 20 people - and a lot were interns in the past, so have great advice to share plus it's always interesting to hear everyone's stories about past projects. I learn a lot about the consulting world during these lunch breaks.

1.00 PM

Back to work. My manager has sent me some slides to format before a meeting with the client at 2pm, so I work on these then attend the meeting with the rest of my team. We’re showing the client what we’ve completed so far, and what we propose to do from here. The meeting goes well, and we return to the project room. After sending a few emails to different client members to clarify points from the meeting and get any additional data, I continue my work on the pricing comparison template.

4.00 PM

At the start of the internship program, all interns are given their own mentor who we are meant to check in with every couple of weeks to talk about our experience and any questions we might have. My mentor happens to also be my manager on this project, which makes catching up easy as he already knows most of what I've been doing. We still take the time to have proper mentor catch-ups, though, and he gives me advice or tips he thinks will be useful. This is also a good chance to let him know if I'm having any issues or if I think there's anything I'd like to try that I haven't been given a chance to do yet. After the meeting, I'm left with some good feedback which I keep in mind as I get back to work.

5.00 PM

I’m on track with my work, so offer to help one of my peers fix up some slides from a deck that will be presented in a meeting tomorrow.

6.30 PM

I've finished my tasks for the day and after making sure there is no more urgent work to be done tonight, I send what I've done to my manager to look at overnight. I decide to catch the last of the sun and walk part of the way home.