Philip A.T. Kearney Graduate


University of Queensland
Senior Business Analyst
Philip studied Bachelors of Engineering and Commerce at University of Queensland

What's your job about?

Projects at A.T. Kearney are worked on in teams, typically span in length between 3-18 weeks and involve working directly with our clients (often out on their sites) to improve their businesses. Each project team includes a diversity of roles from business analyst through to partner.

On several of my projects at A.T. Kearney, I have had the chance to help our clients to start using a technology called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). For example, I conducted RPA opportunity scoping at a major airline, at a telecommunications company and at a leading fast-moving consumer goods group. Tasks included engaging stakeholders to understand their processes, identifying potential automation opportunities, designing future workflows & governance, training/coaching clients on using the RPA tools, creating a business case, and presenting recommendations & outcomes directly back to the client executive team. My experience with the first two projects lead to the chance to travel to Hong Kong for 6 weeks on the third client – which was an awesome experience!         

On another project engagement, I worked hand-in-hand with the team at major financial institution to streamline their end-to-end new loan originations process. My primary role was creation of a model that tracked & benchmarked both current team activities and sales performance by segment. During the project, we had 30+ employees from around the business in the same (big) room for 4+ weeks – it was a hectic but fun way to directly collaborate with people from all over the business to learn firsthand about what was involved in their work, address their pain-points and develop new ideas & solutions.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yes – A.T. Kearney has employees from a range of backgrounds – people from many geographies & cultures, and with a variety of educational & work experience. A key skill is the ability (and motivation) to learn new things quickly. The nature of my role involves distinct projects across multiple client industries, and we always need to able to pick up new topics quickly. Strong problem solving & an ability to break-down issues into logical/manageable pieces of work is another helpful skill.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

I mostly love the people at my job. One of the advantages of working with multiple clients within multiple teams of (sometimes global) consultants is that you develop a great network of colleagues, but also a close group of friends. Coming back from client site to the firm office (overlooking Circular Quay in Sydney) on Fridays is always something to look forward to. I’m also involved in firm recruiting in-between projects, and much enjoy engaging with students who could be our potential future teammates.

What are the limitations of your job?

Management consulting gives you the opportunity for significant professional development in a short amount of time. It’s up to you how to make the most of it – and how to make sure that you focus on what interests you most. Working as a consultant can at times be demanding in terms of responsibilities – however it is also very rewarding.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • Go on exchange – my semester abroad was one of the favourite parts of my degree
  • Learn a language – can be useful professionally, but more importantly it can be a lot of fun to learn (with university a great time to start)
  • Setup good personal habits to last for the future (fitness goals, study/work ethics, or otherwise – whatever is important to you)