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Corporate Social Responsibility at Aurecon Australia

7.8 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 42 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
I attended a training course on mental health and how to look after your own as well as other's mental health. I also know that the company will make decisions on which projects we will and won't work on based on what we think is of true benefit to the community.
Graduate, Melbourne
Holds events such as the Bridge Building competition with high school students and supports local charities.
Intern, Brisbane
One day of volunteer paid leave per year, which is great for outside interests and causes. Plenty of charity fundraisers within each office, and awareness campaigns for a wide range of issues.
Graduate, Melbourne
The company supports socially responsible companies/ organisations such as Engineers Without Borders, Power of Engineering, and has fundraising events throughout the year. It could improve by actively encouraging staff to participate in not-for-profit companies working with disadvantaged communities or working with subbies with a strong focus on socially disadvantaged groups.
Graduate, Melbourne
Recently, Aurecon offices across the ANZ region were heavily promoting the Movember initiative for positive causes.
Graduate, Perth
We have whole teams dedicated to environment and planning (sustainability is a sub-set of that team) and future/ alternative energies.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have worked on something for the environment, health and wellbeing, mindfulness and other projects for university students. It's been amazing.
Graduate, Sydney

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