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Economic Data Analyst at Australian Bureau of Statistics

Courtney graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce / Economics from Monash University in 2013, and is now an Economic Data Analyst at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


My day starts with my commute to the office, I use this time to catch up on economic news so that I’m aware of any new developments that may be evident in our economic data collections. I work in the Quarterly Economy Wide Surveys section of the ABS, which produces economic indicators in the form of publications. This is a fast paced section of the ABS that involves conducting economic research and analysis, developing technical skills, delivering presentations and economic forecasts, as well as engaging with providers of data. Our data releases ultimately inform key stakeholders on the health of the Australian Economy, such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, Treasury, the media and the general public.


Once I arrive at the office, there are a broad variety of tasks that I will undertake, depending on the stage of the quarterly economic cycle. Today I will spend my morning monitoring and quality assuring the estimates that my team produces for our quarterly business survey. This involves engaging with providers to develop insights into industry trends and conducting research to ensure that our data is coherent and reflective of the real world economic story.

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Today I have organised a morning tea on behalf of the Gender Diversity Network that I have recently joined. We have invited an external guest speaker to join us for a discussion on Women in Leadership. I will also be speaking about my role in the network and the issues that are on our agenda- wish me luck! The ABS encourages employees to get involved with a range of networks within the organising including sporting groups, social clubs, LGBTI and Diversity Networks. This allows staff to take on additional responsibility and leadership roles and build a broader network of connections across the organisation. I am currently an active member of the Gender Diversity Network and the Social Club. Both roles have given me greater exposure to leadership, event management and networking opportunities.

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It’s now time for my lunch break. The ABS promotes flexible working arrangements which enable staff to maintain a healthy work life balance. For some, this may be working from home, for others this may be adjusting working hours to fit in with your personal commitments. For me, flexible working arrangements allow me to attend yoga classes during my lunchbreaks.

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This afternoon I’ll be presenting an economic forecast for some of the industries that form part of our quarterly survey. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the research that I’ve been preparing and to inform my team of emerging themes in the Australian economy. As a team we will come together to share knowledge and ideas about what we expect to occur over the coming quarter.

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Back to my desk to work on a research project that I have been assigned, which involves collaborating with other sections within the ABS that produce economic statistics. One of my initial reactions when I started at the ABS was amazement at the breadth of statistics that one organisation can produce! This project is a great opportunity to utilise those datasets and produce meaningful research that draws the different statistical outputs together.


It’s now time for me to pack up my desk and head off for the day! The ABS has recently implemented activity based working, so we clear our desks at the end of the day and try to rotate desks on a frequent basis. This encourages staff to sit next to different people and get to know other teams. After packing up and putting everything into my locker I’ll start the commute home and prepare for tomorrow!


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