Kristy ANAO Graduate

Kristy Reddacliff

Australian National University
Kristy studied Bachelor of Accounting at Australian National University

With a Bachelor of Accounting from the Australian National University, I was excited to accept a position in the ANAO Graduate Program. What attracted me to the ANAO was the opportunity to learn more about auditing, as well as the flexibility offered by a career in the public service.

I am a financial statements auditor in the Assurance Audit Services Group, currently assigned to the Home Affairs portfolio. I particularly enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my work. When something does not turn out as expected, I like to solve the puzzle and work out why it was not as anticipated.

My role has involved spending a lot of time at various client sites and interacting with staff at different levels in the department throughout the audit process. I have been involved in high-level audit progress meetings and this has given me an insight into the processes of a large department, and the challenges they face.

My graduate year has been about continuous learning and developing my skills. When I started with my team they took the time to explain many aspects of our work, such as the tools and systems we use. This support has continued throughout the year and my team has always made sure I understand what we are doing and why it is important. Even mistakes are a learning opportunity, as this is the year to have a go at new things.

The ANAO Graduate Program is not just about academic ability; the graduates in the program have been selected for their personal qualities, such as communication and team work, as well as their technical skills. If you are interested in analysis, numbers, information and data this might be the program for you, and I encourage you to apply.