Caroline Chai BAE Systems Graduate Image

Caroline Chai

Graduate Aerospace Engineer
Caroline studied at the University of South Australia. She did a double degree; Bachelor of Engineering (Aersopace) with a Bachelor of Mechanical and Computer Sciences.

Hi.  I’m Caroline and I’m a graduate at BAE Systems.  What attracted me to BAE Systems?  For starters, it was the international brand, the programs the company was involved with and the opportunity to learn, grow and develop my career.  I was also attracted to the culture and the company’s values.  The flexible work practices were also really appealing as I am still working towards another degree and being able to balance work, home life and my studies was really important. 

What I also found when joined the company was that that management were genuine about understanding employees and aiming to continuously improve the working environment.  Employee opinion surveys are taken seriously.  I also found that the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was very real – not just something that gets talked about in advertisements.  One of the best things though is the team I work in.  It’s a great team of people.

In terms of development and progression,  I have enjoyed working with our partners ranging from subject matters experts to our Commonwealth Customers and international partners/ customers.   I have learned a lot from this experience.

In my view, there are real opportunities to develop yourself at BAE Systems and what I have found is that everyone is willing to help you develop if you approach it the right way.  As a graduate, I am working my way through placements around the different projects and lifecycles and potentially through the different business units so I can become a high performing value adding member of the bigger team.  I have also been given the opportunity to work on establishing a national graduation program so other graduates can enjoy the same.  Every day I am learning from the best in the business and having contact with the brightest in the industry.  There’s always a challenge here and that suits me.  It’s those challenges that help me stretch and grow. 

Good luck with your application.

Cheers, Caroline