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Corporate Social Responsibility at Bankwest

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
We get paid volunteering days and there is genuine encouragement to give back
They push us to volunteer and give back to the community
Volunteering is encouraged (with employees given a number of paid days per year to engage in volunteer work), and there is an "Easy Grants" program for colleagues to recommend community services or local clubs to receive up to $1,000  to assist with that community's development. I have worked on an engineering task for Telethon since starting, and will be doing a kitchen day for a charity group in the future
We get two days a year off for volunteering work.  
Every employee is allowed two days of leave a year to spend on volunteer activities. The bank organises several volunteer activities each year that you can be a part of, or you can organise your own if you like
Community grants, volunteering days etc.