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Job Satisfaction at Bankwest

8.1 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 20 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I am a mobile developer building new features into the banking application that users across Australia use
My day to day responsibilities and tasks vary widely (which is great!) including data analytics, market insights and a variety of other things
I am currently working as a mobile app developer so I am able to directly improve the customer's view of the company
I am currently working with Business Intelligence where I will perform duties across the entire process of converting data into information. This includes liaising with the business to determine what they require ("analysis "), the design and creation of database schema (Design/ETL), and the presentation layer
I build software  for the bank 
Support work isn't always the most fun, but I find opportunities to do work I am interested in
I translate the bank's vision and strategy into technology solutions. I create appropriate architectures for the bank’s  sustainability and collaborate with stakeholders and other teams to help make quality decisions faster to increase delivery velocity.
There are a lot of roadblocks
It can really vary depending on the projects I am working on. One day I can have a few meetings or external appointments while on another day I might be working away at my desk.
The team gets to work with a lot of new technologies and automation
We are working on the implementation of software solutions and the maintenance of existing software and support for software