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Application Process & Interviews at Bankwest

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
I went through a set of online testing was first - basic questions. Next was a phone interview with a few more basic questions followed by a web based video interview. Finally there was an almost full day assessment centre
The interview process consisted of first applying via the internet  and doing a phone interview , then a half-day assessment centre  which consisted of three face to face  interviews (technical, professional and values  based ones), and a 1.5 hour group based activity
The interview process and assessments are a stress free process so that the bank can get to know the true capacity of the candidate
I had a few separate interviews on different occasions. I also went through a police clearance and some online tests
The interview process was good - a little different! I feel like it covered as many bases as possible
There were phone screenings and then interviews on-site that covered people and culture, technical and behavioural questions
I submitted my resume and then received a call for a phone interview. I then interviewed in person which consisted of four sections: technical quiz, technical interview, cultural interview and personal interview
I thought it was more casual than most organisations and I found that getting the feedback was quick
It was long, but there was support and clear communication throughout the process and was overall well received
We had an assessment centre where we were required to work with a group of people we had never met before to come up with a solution
My interview process was different compared with other grads possibly because I was already working in Bankwest 
It’s not your typical sit down at a desk and answer questions type interview. We had group activities and were questioned by different people from different areas of the bank
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
I had to do a role play
Technical, behavioural and cultural sections
There was too many to list here, but questions around both technical ability and customer focus were common.
It was a mix of technical questions and behavioural questions
They mostly asked about what I thought of Bankwest, why I wanted to work for them and about the types of non-uni projects I'd worked on
They asked about what my ideal job would look like and about a time when I took ownership for a customer outcome. They also asked some technical questions regarding projects I had worked on.
I was asked what I think about Bankwest and to describe my experiences from uni. There was a mix of both technical and cultural questions. They asked about teamwork and what I like to do in my spare time/what I'm passionate about. We discussed projects I've worked on outside of uni and they asked what I want to get out of the grad program
I was asked to recount times where I had demonstrated leadership and where I had worked on a difficult group task. The questions were quite standard
There were only three technical questions and the rest was about engaging my personality and assessing my way of thinking. They asked questions like “how would you solve the scenario...” and also asked me what I would consider when adopting new technology. They asked if I like research and teaching others about what I have discovered. We also spoke about how I would feel about doing a presentation and what activities do I do outside of university study time
Questions around problem solving abilities, technical questions and behavioral / culture questions
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Be genuine
Be yourself. Confidence is key
Tailor your resume to the job, be succinct, spell check and show an interest in the company
Have plenty of examples at the ready - think about times you've had to deal with change, where you've made the difference for a customer by thinking outside of the box, where you've managed to overcome disputes in a team - and be ready to talk about them! Having a work history is very important. It doesn't have to be in a relevant field , or even paid work - it can be volunteer work.
Be yourself. Answer questions thoughtfully
Show that you love what you do! Show that you are eager to learn and are self-motivated and tell them about how you could contribute to the culture
Talk about a broad range of skills, don't just focus on one thing
Make sure you are a good fit for the company by checking their website and reading up about the company. Make sure you can explain the projects you have worked on in detail so that you can showcase your knowledge
Be yourself, be honest, and have a passion for learning a whole range of new things
Think of possible questions you might be asked  and prepare your answers in your head
Rest up and get a good night's sleep the night before. Make sure you have read a bit about current industry trends to show interest
Be honest during the interview process. If you don't know the answer just state so but also let them know that you can find out about the answer (if the question is appropriate)
Research the company, focusing on values and Bankwest's goal. Be yourself!