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Training & Personal Development at Bankwest

7.8 rating for Training, based on 21 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Lots of training and support provided. Great culture for encouraging training
Bankwest is very focused on developing their employees. I appreciate this a lot
As a graduate I rotate around which is a great way to learn, but I feel formal training is lacking
My graduate program consists of four, six month rotations across the IT areas of the business where I am given ample opportunity to extend my skillsets beyond those that I learned at University. I have worked on mainframes, network infrastructure and large scale dimensional databases  since starting
There is not a lot of training provided in the early stage. There needs to be a better knowledge management team
I have been sent on a couple of external training programs but I have found that when I’m trying to bring new practices back to the workplace people are usually un willing to try
Pair programming, peer training, online courses and so on
There are plenty of opportunities if you ask for them and pursue them
I've really benefited through formal and informal training
As part of my development, I’ve had training modules available online and seminars delivered face to face by facilitators
My role requires looking at various technologies and I've been given access to online video tutorials. Research is business as usual for my team so I personally have picked up lots of those skills since I started here. I’ve also been able to learn new skills from collaborating with other teams