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Working Hours at Bankwest

8.4 rating for Working Hours, based on 21 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Hours are flexible so long as they add up to 40 a week and you can attend your meetings and responsibilities. Working from home is easy and happens often
I find it much more flexible than other companies. We can work from home if required. Hours vary depending on the division you are in
It’s very flexible. If I need to come in half an hour late to look after my child or take care of an "outside of work" issue it's never a problem, I can make up the time elsewhere. If I work after hours on something, it's acceptable for me to take those hours off the following day(s)
In Bankwest, the work hours are very flexible and employees are allowed to balance work life and family life
40 hours a week, flexible schedule
Very flexible. Most people start around 7-10 and finish around 3.30-6.30
There are no timesheets. Work from home is available and we get plenty of leave
I work long days when required. On average I will work more than an 8hr day, but the flexible arrangements allow me to maintain a good work-life balance so overall it's a win-win
They seem reasonably flexible, although this largely depends on your manager and the individual team culture
My work hours during normal times are around 7.5 hours per day. Around May-June 2016 though it was around 10-12 hours a day due to project deadlines