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Career Prospects at BDO

6.2 rating for Career Prospects, based on 37 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
From what I am aware, there are possibilities of promotions, but they are quite difficult to obtain
Various levels, seems to be hard to make the leap from accountant level to manager level
Every June there is a performance appraisal which allows you to discuss with your partner and manager about a salary raise or promotion. There are always options to move up based on your ability to work
There is always room to grow in BDO you just have to work hard and make it known that you want to move up. Each year you have a remuneration review with your partner and your manager where you can discuss your wants and needs.
For my immediate progression it seems good; however, the higher up the ranks then it definitely seems harder to be promoted
Moving up the ranks usually occurs as a result of annual appraisals
Regular performance review based on the skills of individuals and the goals of the department
My goal is to move into the senior accountant position and my manager has told me it's mine for the taking
Surpassing KPI's, pretty clear pathways
Whilst simple enough to progress through great performance, I was hoping to progress at a faster rate than a graduate based on my experience. I find no options available for this however.
Promotions are available for those who prove their abilities, professionalism and client relationship management.
Half-year and yearly appraisals are available; it requires skills, knowledge, experience, internal relationships and client relationships to be promoted.
Presumably, if I'm able to improve each year I'll move up accordingly.
Need to be very hardworking, and have good long standing reputation at the firm.