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Culture at BDO

8.6 rating for Culture, based on 40 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Everyone gets along with each other
Easy to get along with everyone, well organised, well dressed. High standards are required
In the office everyone is very friendly; however, there are a few individuals who are quite difficult to work with. In terms of hierarchy, we are aware about who we need to receive work from, but it is not in a dissatisfying way. After hours, there are a few people who like to go out to dinner and drinks. This is always a lot of fun.
Good culture within the company; however, people tend to socialise within smaller groups
Although there is a hierarchy by job role, everyone interacts in a warm, social and friendly manner and the managers and partners are extremely helpful. There are plenty of social events put on to enable you to get to know your colleagues
The culture in and out of the office is really friendly and relaxed. I have never felt too scared to ask a question because I know that everyone here is happy to help.
BDO is a great workplace that supports its staff's wellbeing and development. Through Social events staff can socialise after work and network with other colleagues from different divisions within the office.
Hierarchy is easy to see due to the setup of the organisation. Everyone is approachable and easy to talk to no matter their level. Teamwork and cooperation within work groups is easy to see but there is not a lot of cohesion between work groups within the organisation. Socialising amongst colleagues after work is common with the firm always putting on events through our social club, whether that be pizza in the boardroom or Friday drinks and nibbles after work somewhere in the city for all to attend.
Very supportive. My department in particular is tight-knit/friendly. Lunches are organised amongst colleagues. Can approach anyone to ask for help. There are drinks nights and a social club.
Everyone knows each other both during and outside work hours. Always having various work events. Everyone is approachable, including the big bosses.
Fun and supportive. Lots of laughter around the office. There's lots of socialising during work hours but not a huge amount after.
BDO has an inclusive, friendly and informal culture that makes you feel like a valued part of the team from the first day. All management levels up to partner are approachable and invested in your experience at the company. Not only is it a supportive, team based environment to work in, but there are always social events going on (including Friday night drinks) which is part of the reason the working culture is so great. It's the kind of place where you'll make life long friends.
Only working for the firm for three months, I feel very comfortable with the culture and socialising with staff members. Regular social days including beach trips, lunches, trivia nights, cocktail parties etc. really give the division a chance to socialise with one another. Also being away with the team helps to build not only work relationships, but also friendships. In terms of office culture, it is very reasonable with senior management and team members respecting personal life. The negative of the culture is that there is a clear hierarchy. Graduates are not given a hard time or treated poorly, but in terms of responsibilities, advice, tedious tasks and job admin there is a lot of passing on to us. Relevant in most companies however, it is something to expect as graduates.
BDO is a workplace that encourages team bonding and work/life balance. We very frequently have service line catch-ups, firm-wide social events and more often than not enjoy after-hours team socialising. The culture at BDO is fantastic!
My company has a professional yet relaxed culture where every person is approachable. My team has a flat structure where each person works based on areas of expertise rather than hierarchy. Social events are frequent and well organised, including Friday night drinks and firm-wide events.
In the office, it's very professional and supportive; after hours, everyone is keen on getting together with the others and getting to know each other and participating in networking events. People are professional and fun.
The office culture is really pleasant. All of my team members are very friendly and supportive. However, having said that, the partners are quite intimidating.
Hierarchy is there and important but each person is treated equally and their opinion is given the time of day it deserves. Great internal office and external office culture. Weekly team activities (fitness activity). Regular social events for team.
Many social events and bonding activities; however, due to the nature of the division (never in the office as a team) and high turnover it's hard to form strong bonds with co-workers.