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Application Process & Interviews at BDO

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
I came in as an undergraduate, there were only two interviews, after submitting my CV, one with People & Culture and one with the Manager of my division.
I had an assessment centre, initial interview with People & Culture, numerous online assessments and a final interview with an Audit Partner and Manager.
The process was made easy by the People & Culture staff and the assessments were easy to follow and complete.
The interview process was not easy, in order to be a graduate I had to go through a number of processes starting with the application, then an online test. Once I passed these stages I did a virtual interview followed by a face to face interview and finally a written exam.
This process filters through a large number of applicants. When I was employed I had to submit an online application, have a virtual video conference/interview, have face to face interview and complete a cognitive aptitude examination
I was not a part of the main intake, so I went straight to the Partner/Manager interview. Generally there is an online interview or group / partner interview
It was a friendly process. There were about three interviews. Two with People & Culture and one with possible managers.
Initial application process - Resume/university grades, Webcam interview (scary!) and then Face-to -face interview with Partner and Manager
Video interview assessment, networking event and Partner and Manager interview
1. Skype Interview 2. Group interview 3. Partner interview 4. Test
I was lucky enough to be involved as a recommendation therefore skipped some of the intense video screenings, exams etc. I had two interviews - one with People & Culture and a second with Audit managers
Online application form, Video interview, Online assessment, Face to face interview, Accounting assessment, Group interview/assessment, Partner interview
Very thorough process. Firstly, I had to fill out an application online and attach my CV and transcript. Then I had to undertake various tests (e.g. puzzle based, comprehension, problem solving etc.) before completing a video interview. Then I came to BDO's head office to re-do testing and undertake additional testing (personality, writing skills) before I was interviewed by People & Culture. Lastly, I was interviewed by a Partner of the division and a Manager.
The interviewers created a comfortable atmosphere so that the process felt more like a conversation than a job interview. Assessments consisted of a written exam testing basic accounting knowledge and a group presentation.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Previous experience, hobbies and goals
Questions regarding previous work experience, including practical questions demonstrating teamwork etc
Who are my role models and why? Why I decided to study accounting?
Strengths, weaknesses, interests, past experience, if I have heard about the company and if so what, time management, ability and what is my lifestyle outside work
What are your strengths/weaknesses, give an example of a difficult team situation and how you overcame it
Why this firm? What are your experiences? What do you do in free time? Why this division?
How you solved a work problem in the past. Favourite Uni subject / least favourite subject.
My background knowledge in relevant areas. My goals/alignment with company goals. Commitment to work long hours when necessary. Skills/weaknesses
How have you demonstrated these qualities, examples of how you have learnt and developed from experiences throughout your life
Mostly related to how I would work through problems and about BDO's culture
What do I enjoy doing outside work? Am I capable of working in teams? Do I work well under pressure?
Variety of questions about my education, work life balance, values/ethics, hobbies and work history.
Describe one moment in my previous job where there were difficulties. Describe a time when team work went wrong and how it was resolved
What can you bring to the firm? What is one mistake that you made at your previous workplace and how did you correct it? Why do you want to work at BDO? What sets BDO apart from all other competing firms?
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Learn the corporate culture. Know what you want out of the position and from the employer. Make sure you reflect on previous experience as this shows the employer how you respond to certain events.
Just be yourself and be friendly.
Think about possible questions and how you can apply your specific experience to those questions, think about why you want to work at the company
I would study the values of the company and firstly decide whether or not you also share those common values and would uphold them in a personal and work setting. Be prepared for any question you may be asked and have a justified answer
Do your research on BDO, make sure you understand the company's values and what they stand for
1. Know the company 2. Be comfortable with yourself & don't be nervous. It's not the end of the world 3. Be confident in your skills and knowledge
Be yourself. Come prepared with possible answers in mind to common questions asked. Practise with family/friends so you don't get overwhelmed in the interview
Do some research/know your specific service line. Don't be afraid to ask questions during the interview.
Be confident and think about why you see yourself as a suitable candidate
Once you prove you have the technical abilities (i.e. in your CV), the interview process from my experience is all about team fit and being personable. Also show enthusiasm, drive and commitment to the role you are applying for
As cliché as it is - Be yourself. The firm is trying to learn equally as much about you as you are about them. Don't hesitate to ask questions and answer all questions honestly
Ensure you have thoroughly researched the company and deliver succinct, articulate answers to questions
Know the types of questions interviewers ask, be genuine, and ensure you answer the question with examples from your previous experience