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Salary at BDO

6.4 rating for Salary, based on 36 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
The pay is good and it increases each review or by moving up levels of expertise.
I came from Uni where I was dirt poor, the income I earn now is only the beginning as I'm at the bottom of the ladder. I'm not unhappy with the pay at all
Pay increases are reviewed yearly in June
The pay could be better (based on other firms in the industry)
There are opportunities to increase your pay which comes with time. However, for a graduate it is standard pay rates.
I was not given any indication that there will be any bonuses for outstanding client work nor for the extra hours worked outside the normal working hours.
Firm needs to align performance with bonuses as there is currently no bonus system
While generous for graduate standards, my prior experience and expectations were not met. As I am aware no bonus scheme is in place.
Pay is reasonable however wouldn't mind it a little higher as there is no bonus system (nor time in lieu or RDO for my division).
Pay as a graduate is quite low (although competitive for the professional services market). This is understandable given the level of training required to be put in when hiring a grad. They do offer hiring bonuses if you refer someone for a job and they are hired. I haven't been here long enough to personally encounter this.
I don't know much about the bonuses provided by BDO. I think the pay is fair considering that I am commencing as a graduate. It appears on par with other professional services firm in Adelaide.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
We occasionally have free lunches, divisional lunches and free fruit and breakfast
Massages, free breakfast and fruit
Cheaper health insurance and monthly health programs
Monthly morning teas, lots of social events
Social club - discounted movie tickets, free drinks and nibbles after work usually once a month
Raffle every Friday ($100 value prize). Bonus for long-term commitment to company (5,10 years) Referral bonus for clients and new staff
Employees can use the office car park after business hours and over the weekend
Free football tickets, free taxis to get home if working late, time in lieu for overtime
Regular vouchers, health insurance discounts, social events.
Surface Pro tablets as work computers which can be taken home for use as well. The activity-based workplace is also a great perk of the Sydney office
The free daily breakfast and Friday night drinks are always a plus as well as great study perks (tuition fees and leave)