Management at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group

How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.

Most are very good. Communication is done well most times.
Graduate, Adelaide
Open door to all managers no matter their level. Approachable, friendly and offering praise and constructive feedback to enhance the learning experience.
Midlevel, Melbourne
It varies by manager - our feedback and recognition policies are followed to different degrees depending on who you are working with. Informal feedback has tended to be more prevalent that formal feedback procedures.
Graduate, Bendigo
Managers are very accessible. Lots of exposure to Executive and management.
Midlevel, Bendigo
It depends on the role. My current manager is fantastic, I get open and honest feedback which is also timely. I have had one poor manager of the five I have had, so not bad!
Graduate, Geelong
Internal communication is lacking, particularly if you aren't working in a head office.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very accessible due to activity based working. Also a more formal check in with your manager each quarter for feedback and personalised career goal setting. Mentoring program for graduates that is available for all staff.
Graduate, Adelaide
My immediate managers are very accessible and integral to my development
Midlevel, Adelaide