Training & Personal Development at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

Induction is given to all new employees. Learnt about the company and how it works, the programs required to do my job and resilience training to name a few.
Graduate, Adelaide
Opportunity to complete online/internal training relevant to the department which you are placed in. External training to develop further is offered and encouraged throughout the organisation.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Personal Growth workshops: Resilience Training, Coaching for success, Building Relationships Technical Training: Learning to lend, Insurance workshops, FSRA Tier 2
Graduate, Bendigo
Training is fine. Some of it is compulsory when it shouldn't be. Some of the optional ones such as brain dominance are great
Graduate, Geelong
Training is provided and adhered to at the beginning of your role. Training provided is adequate for the role. Additional training options are available.
Graduate, Melbourne
Equip Resilience program. Mainly informal on the job training.
Graduate, Adelaide
Group wide training such as security, culture etc is great, but job specific training could be improved
Midlevel, Adelaide