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Josiah Binet

Josiah studied Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Marketing) at the University of Sydney, graduated in 2019, and is now a Fixed Income & Tradedesk Specialist at Bloomberg Australia

7:00 AM

After a couple of snoozed alarms and accepting the reality that I may never get to the gym before work, I wake up, get dressed, and walk to the station. As usual, I forget to bring my umbrella and end up running. It’s a 15-minute train ride to Circular Quay and a decent walk to work to help wake me up!

7:30 AM

I arrive in the lobby and take the lift up to the office. Competition for the coffee machine, avocados, and pancakes has thinned out during the COVID period, which is very good news for me. If I don’t cave and buy a mocha from the café downstairs (which is most likely inevitable), I’ll grab a coffee, croissant and a few fruit cups (for a balanced diet) from our pantry, say hello to some of my news colleagues and head to my desk.

Day in the life Josiah Binet Bloomberg Australia

7:45 AM

It’s time to catch up on the overnight news and any emails from clients or colleagues across Europe and North America. As our programming team is based in New York, this is a good time to reach out to them for clarification or assistance with any ongoing questions our local clients may have. Today, I’m following up on behalf of a bank in Hong Kong that reached out to me overnight.

8:00 AM

Go time. The role of the Analytics team is to support more than 325,000 Bloomberg Terminal users globally. It requires a combination of product and financial markets knowledge and a deep understanding of our client's workflows. I sit at our fixed income desk and also work closely with the Tradedesk team to support our order and execution management systems. The start of our workday in the Sydney office overlaps with the end of the Americas, so across the morning I work with an interesting variety of clients – this includes rates traders kick-starting their day in Australia, credit analysts and trade support teams wrapping things up in the United States, and the occasional European investment banker working through the night on a deal.

9:30 AM

It’s time to think strategically. Do I have a second coffee now or save it for 11 am? If I have it now, I’ve only got one left for the daily quota; if I wait, number three could be too late in the day. It’s the big questions like these that keep me up at night.

11:00 AM

Our teams in Tokyo and Hong Kong are now online, and our American clients have largely signed off for the day. It’s peak hour for client engagements here in Sydney. I reach out to a few new users about our trading systems to see if they’d like to arrange an introduction session. A new rates trader has joined the treasury team at one of the big Australian banks, so I call the individual and introduce myself. She is keen to sit down and walk through our trading functionality, so we arrange a time to go over the process of booking and matching trades, managing her inventory and monitoring liquidity in the market.

Day in the life Josiah Binet Bloomberg Australia

12 PM

One of the major US banks has recently welcomed its new class of graduates, who are in need of some introductory training. Many of them will spend the majority of their working day using the Bloomberg Terminal, so it’s important we take the time to prepare them well. These trainings are always interesting – in a given session I might cover our instant messaging (IB) functionality, how to monitor and screen for new corporate debt issuances in the Asian market, or where to find the latest in cryptocurrency news and research, which is always a hit.

Day in the life Josiah Binet Bloomberg Australia

1:00 PM

It’s lunchtime. There’s usually a decent spread provided in the pantry by the catering team – if this hasn’t yet been raided, it will be once my team gets to it. If it is sunny, we’ll head upstairs to our rooftop terrace and soak up some rays.

Day in the life Josiah Binet Bloomberg Australia

2:00 PM

Back at my desk and on the phone. We recently enhanced the Bloomberg programming language that clients can use in Excel and other systems, and today I’m reaching out to buy-side equity and fixed income analysts to let them know about the inclusion of updated ESG datasets. ESG is a hot topic within the industry and our clients are increasingly looking for new ways to perform in-depth analysis on the environmental, social and governance performance of a given company.

3:00 PM

Time for a catch-up with my Managers based in Australia and Singapore. We talk through the projects I am working on this week, discuss upcoming training opportunities and think about how I can work alongside our sales teams with new and prospective clients.

Day in the life Josiah Binet Bloomberg Australia

5:00 PM

Our European clients are live for the start of their day and my last hour at work is largely spent supporting firms based in Frankfurt and London.

6:00 PM

It’s time to sign off for the day! It’s been a big start to the week. Tonight, a few of us are heading out to dinner to welcome our new Manager who is back from New York.

8:00 PM

Home time and I catch up with my housemates over a beer – we’re codependent and I’ve missed them.

9:00 PM

Pretend to read but end up watching cricket highlights on YouTube. It’s a dangerous trap.

10:00 PM

Lights out for the evening – time to do it all again tomorrow.