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Working Hours at Boeing Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I am contracted to 40 Hours a week. Usually i do between 40-50hrs, as quite a few people do i think. The longest weeks i have one is just short of 80 hrs. It's an anomaly but was needed at the time.
A standard day is 7.6 hours, you can start earlier or later so you can leave earlier or later. If you work 8 hours a day, every month you get a paid day off which really helps break up the month with a three day weekend.
Flexible about start/finish times, but it still needs to be 8 hours a day. Sometimes it's a bit more if there's work to be done. Also get an RDO every month which is awesome.
38 hour working week, 40 hours for flexible time off
Monthly Work Pattern Days are great!
40 hours, 1 day per month off. flexible work hours
Varies by team.
38-40 when full-time. Working 40 hours enabled a "Flex day" once a month - a day off in exchange for those extra 2 hours every day. Can come and go without scrutiny or questions. Just have to make sure to be in for most of the time, and for crucial meetings. Working from home occasionally is also okay. All in all, very flexible with hours.