Boeing Defence Australia graduate_jessica

Jessica Orr

University of Queensland
Stress Analyst on 777X
Jessica Orr studied Bachelor and Masters in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Queensland

University of Queensland graduate and Boeing engineer, Jessica Orr, is featured in the University of Queensland's "Create Change" advertising campaign.

Jess graduated in 2015 with a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering and commenced working on Boeing Defence Australia’s Helicopter Aircrew Training System program as a Student Systems Engineer.

Through the powerful industry connections she made at UQ, Jessica landed a graduate engineering position at Boeing. Jessica is currently working on a project designing a next generation aircraft that will make air travel more cost effective and accessible to everyone. By learning to see the world differently, Jessica is creating change.

This year, Jess moved to Boeing Aerostructures Australia in Melbourne to work on the 777X as a Stress Analyst.