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BP Australia

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Training & Personal Development at BP Australia

6.6 rating for Training, based on 16 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
The training programs are well run but can vary based on the enthusiasm of the training coordinator.
Company adopts a 70-20-10 approach (learning and development on the job-through others-through structured courses). I would prefer more formal training through the job (rotation role). Formal training is currently facilitated by HR tag and Learning Academy. I don't think they are very qualified but they use quite extensive materials. I think the most important thing is that the sessions continue the learning process engagement. Skills picked up - self-awareness, personal leadership, strengths identification, logical and analytical reasoning, networking.
Teleconference training with graduates from all around the world. Some is very useful, some is mildly useful.
Graduate program is not consistent in the quality or frequency of the formal development opportunities.
Reduced formal training with poor economy and fewer graduates, but good informal training.
Very structured graduate training program with both global and local training courses/events. Opportunity for graduates to run training sessions. Online training classrooms differ in quality and are catered to UK/US time-zones.
I've learned some handy tips about networking but in general, it's not very useful.
Training in your role, safety training, upskill training
Could be better.
BP have banned in-person training. Online training is no substitute. Poor.