Caltex Australia Graduate Stories

Samantha Ngan Kee Caltex Graduate

Samantha Ngan Kee studied a Bachelor of International and Global Studies (Hons) at University of Sydney, graduated in 2015 and is now Marketing Graduate (Convenience Development) at Caltex

Kina Birkby Caltex Australia Graduate
Caltex Australia
Kina studied Bachelor of Science (Geology & Geophysics) and Bachelor of Arts (Digital Cultures & Art History) at University of Sydney
Kendall Woodward
Caltex Australia
Kendall studied Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce at University of Newcastle
Jessica Bain Caltex Graduate Image
Caltex Australia
Jessica studied Bachelor of International Studies and Commerce at the University of Wollongong
Kiran Kaur Caltex Australia graduate Image
Caltex Australia
Kiran studied Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New South Wales