Jessica Bain Caltex Graduate Image

Jessica Bain

University of Wollongong
Marketing Graduate
Jessica studied Bachelor of International Studies and Commerce at the University of Wollongong

What do you enjoy about working at Caltex?
What I enjoy about working at Caltex is its people, the positive culture of collaboration and the learning opportunities. Each of my managers have been welcoming, willing to share their knowledge and have shown a genuine interest in my development. The opportunity to rotate throughout different business areas has definitely provided me with a broad understanding of Caltex and the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds. Caltex has provided me with many development opportunities beyond my day-to-day role to help me develop well-rounded knowledge and skills.

How have you managed with the transition into full time work at Caltex?
Caltex has a great approach to learning and has provided a variety of formal and informal learning experiences to ensure I have been able to pick things up as quickly as possible. The Graduate Program started with a comprehensive induction, which included an overview of the company, program and the opportunity to meet with key leaders in the company. I have gained a thorough understanding of the fuel and gas industry, as well as Caltex's business and marketing strategies through the Caltex company induction and my visits to numerous Caltex operations sites across Australia. These have included the Kurnell Terminal, Lytton Refinery in QLD, Sydney Airport Refueling Services and various regional and rural areas. A couple of great external training programs I have attended include a Project Management course, a Tender Writing course and a Building Your Brand course, which have all supplemented my work in the Business to Business Sales team.

What advice would you give to other graduates?
My advice would be to take initiative to find and make the most of potential learning opportunities. There have been plenty for me at Caltex and my time here has been a steep and constant learning curve but with the right support and some initiative, I have made the most of every opportunity.