Kiran Kaur Caltex Australia graduate Image

Kiran Kaur

University of New South Wales
Kiran studied Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New South Wales

Why did you choose Caltex?
Firstly I chose the Caltex Graduate Program for the breadth of exposure to all areas of the business. Caltex offered the best fit for me as it complemented and built on my studies whilst also providing avenues to grow my skills and knowledge. Second was that the fuel industry in general is so different, and exciting and Caltex has such a reputable brand.

What challenges have you faced?
My start with Caltex was unique in that I had started full time work and at the same time continued with full time university studies. This was undeniably a very busy time for me, though I had the full support from my manager and was provided with flexible working options. This enabled me to manage my studies so much easier. Caltex also offered me Study Leave to attend my exams, which definitely helped to relieve the pressure.

What has been the highlights of your time at Caltex so far?
The Graduate Program has provided me with a great overview of what my career could be like and what diverse roles Caltex can offer. What makes the Caltex Graduate Program so unique is the relationships I have been able to develop with the senior leadership team. There is so much knowledge and experience within Caltex and I have met so many passionate people who are keen to share their experiences.

The highlights so far would definitely be being invited along to so many meetings and events with the leadership team, this not only makes me feel welcome but at the same time helps me understand how each of my roles contribute to the overall direction of Caltex. Caltex has a diverse, relaxed and open Culture. It is not uncommon to bump into Julian Segal (our CEO) in the hallway or lift, who is always up for a chat.