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Annabel Lanyon

7.30 AM

Wake up and jump on my bike for the 10km ride into work. I arrive after 25 minutes but I’m a sweaty mess. Off to the End of Trip Facilities in the office basement so I can shower and get ready for the day’s work!


8.20 AM

I ride the elevator up to my floor, stopping by reception to check-in and take my temperature (just COVID things!). The office is generally pretty quiet but lots of my team are in today! I put my lunch in the kitchen fridge, make a tea and head back to my desk.

8.30 AM

I start my day by checking my emails and scrolling through Slack, catching up on any messages I might have received since I clocked off yesterday. I receive an email with some changes we need to make to an email campaign. The campaign is supposed to go out today so I put this at the top of my to-do-list! Next I check my calendar and plan out the rest of my work for the day.

at the office

at the office

9.30 AM

It’s time for our bi-weekly team catch-up. Even though some of us are in the office we all jump on zoom so those working from home don’t miss out. Everyone takes a turn to go through what they’re working on for the rest of the week and if they need any help from other members in the group.

10.00 AM

We have another catch up with a smaller group in the team to walk through the Trello board and discuss where the active campaigns are at. The campaign I’m working on that is going out today will be finalised and circulated with the team for approval.

11.00 AM

Now that today’s campaign has been fixed and approved I start working on a presentation for another campaign. I need to pull together recommendations to optimise our conversion – lots of research and mock up designs to do!

12.30 PM

Time for lunch! I forgot to bring in lunch today. Luckily Swan St is just a 10-minute walk away so a few of us walk down to the shops and pick up an epic banh mi.


1.30 PM

I sit back down at my desk and continue working on my presentation. I slack my manager some questions about it and he replies quickly so I can continue working. We want to have this ready to go by mid next week!

3.00 PM

No meetings this afternoon so I’m in need of something to break up my day. My team mate is also free so we head to the communal area to play a game of table tennis and get some energy back. He puts up a good fight but I come out victorious and hold the title until next time! Now back to the desk.

table tennis

5.00 PM

Done for the day! I head down to the change rooms and get my cycling gear on - it’s time to switch off and enjoy the ride home!