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Career Prospects at Cisco

6.4 rating for Career Prospects, based on 18 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Need to demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the role and that it aligns with your vision of career progression. Show examples of competency.
Promotion possibilities are available to employees and it is up to your knowledge, drive, commitment, capabilities to make the move. Cisco is becoming more early in career focused so there's been no better time to work at Cisco than now with the range of jobs being made available.
Lots of room to grow and move around. Managers and fully supportive.
The prospect is high however due to the smaller nature of the Australian workforce it is slightly more limited than possibly overseas.
Achieving strong sales results and high performance.
Australian sales side of Cisco is quite flat. There is room to move up but to get beyond management could be difficult.
Not really sure about this bit however from what I heard from seniors it's very limited.
There are set salary promotion timelines.
I've been promoted five times in my tenure. The company provides the opportunities for people who are motivated to obtain them.