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Job Satisfaction at Cisco

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Technical troubleshooting, network design, programming and presenting
Provide virtual presales technical support for Partners, Account Managers and Customers.
As a grad on the role you'll be taking ownership of your own patch, working with clients to identify their business goals, challenges, objectives, priorities and challenges as well as understanding how technology plays a role in enabling these visions and strategies. You will be enabled to speak about technology and trends like IoT/IoE, digitization and Cloud, and be a thought leader to take these companies on a journey to be leaders in their industry. On a day-to-day you'll be speaking to your customers, presenting and dealing with any issues via our collaboration technologies like voice, video etc. and bringing relevant stakeholders into the right discussions. There are many roles that you can move into once you're off the graduate program whether Account Management, Systems Engineer, working in the Commercial/Enterprise/Public Sector patches, working in Architectures like Enterprise Networking, Collaboration, Data Centre, Security, Cloud, Innovations, Services, Marketing, Finance, Legal etc.
Provide presales support to external partners and internal sales people
I am in pre-sales to consult and advise our sales team to drive business growth.
Cold calling Victoria Catholic education to upgrade, refresh or provide them with technology that can meet there business outcomes and improve the technology landscape across the education sector.
I am involved in transnational projects. Every day I learn something new. And a great team culture.
I am part of a global team that provide technical support to customers/partners/internal engineers and sales teams to help them make better decisions about how to improve their network
As an operations manager we act as the single point of contact to our premium customers when it comes to managing their ongoing operations with Cisco. We are customer advocates who understand the customer's operational outcomes and align our deliverables to their business goals.
I manage a team of 15 Sales Account Managers. Responsible for their success, development, and growth.