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Management at Cisco

9.1 rating for Management, based on 18 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Only a button clicks away through IM or video conferencing. Provide their feedback as to career progression.
Each manager is individual and your interactions unique. Each manager at Cisco has an anonymous survey completed by employees each quarter at a minimum and this becomes a basis for their reviews as a manager. Quarterly recognition at a theatre basis is completed and Cisco encourages formal mentors when you're on the grad program (an ex-grad) as well as after the program for you to have a business mentor.
Very good transparency from our leadership team. From regular catch-ups with your direct manager, to quarterly meetings with senior leadership team. Great reward and recognition program - good work does not go unnoticed :-)
All managers I have had at Cisco are fantastic, encouraging and experienced.
The managers here are great. The spend fair amount of time with each employee (although there are a lot of employees), and they discuss their future with each and every employee. They always support employees if they have any concerns or issue.
Overall it's really good to see that management is taking initiatives to take more interactions using variety of tools.
Everyone is always accessible. In person, via email or IM chat. You can be friends with your managers but come time for performance reviews you can maintain professionalism.
All of my managers have been crucial to my development.