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Application Process & Interviews at Cisco

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Assess high-level technical knowledge, communication skills, motivation and career vision.
The interview process was one of the most unique and my favorite interview process. Once submitting your resume, the next step was to submit a video resume, then do a behavioral interview followed by an assessment centre. The assessment centre is split into 4 parts, a multiple choice quiz, an interview, a sales/engineering pitch and a role play.
Video interview Phone interview assessment center
4 step process. Got me out of my comfort zone which is great
two interviews a video submission, a testing center day then 3 months of paid training
Initial HR screening, video application, webex/phone call, assessment centre day
Resume submission, exam, assessment center with interview, presentation, role play and exam.
Graduate process - video submission, phone interview, face to face interview, group face to face session (full day). Non-graduate process - MANY rounds of face to face interviews (sometimes over 10).
we had a couple of rounds of interview both technical and soft skills. Somewhere on the phone, somewhere group assessments and at the end face-to-face interview with the managers. It was a bit difficult but very fair.
4 stages of hiring process (cv screening + Assessment center) Within Assessment center, there is technical, behavioral, and other abilities test are conducted.
The interview process involved 4 stages. A written application, a phone interview, a video interview and an assessment center. The whole process can take up to 2 months from start to finish.
Interview process involved a phone interview, followed by an assessment centre in Sydney. This involved presentations, role plays, and more interviews.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Approach to learning new technology, processes and information. Approach to teamwork with examples. Willingness to work overseas.
Everything from technical questions in the quiz to behavioral questions asking about your experience in certain situations.
When have you faced a difficult task and overcome it? When was there a time you were able to influence a difficult stakeholder to a positive situation?
Describe a time where you had a difficult task with a coworker, answer with the SAO framework. Talk about your experience? Describe your sales experience.
I have been asked both technical and soft skills questions. Also in our group assessment day we have been asked some questions to solve as a team with justifications. In my interview with my managers I have been asked only soft skills questions.
What is your strength/weakness? Have you ever experienced any difficult situation to handle customer/colleague during work or project? what actions do you take to resolve situation?
- Reasons for joining. - Behavioral questions. How would you resolve X situation? Describe a scenario where you overcame an issue? - Technical questions; How does a technology work? What is a router/SDN/Cloud etc. - Sales Acumen questions; Why do I need
Questions were based on my university experience/ projects/ Extra-curricular activities/ Cisco products, vision and Tech related questions.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Focus on your attitude to getting things done for the benefit of your organization. A flexible attitude and passion for learning new things goes a long way.
Be yourself, interviewees want to see if you'll fit well into the company culture. Have examples of how you specifically influenced a situation to achieve an outcome. Come prepared but don't rely on notes in presentations, your interviewees want to see you and how you react to a situation.
Be real and be prepared The more you prepare, the more you know about Cisco solutions, the higher chance you have
Do your research - look at what technologies and solutions Cisco are investing in like internet of everything. Understand what the role you are applying for is and tailor your resume and cover letter to suit what you are applying for, but also use SMART objectives and provide metrics in your resume. Before the interview, prepare prepare prepare - write down notes before your interview. Also, prepare questions so when you are asked "do you have any questions?" you will show that you are interested. Be yourself!
having a great personality, working well with others, knowing about the company and where it came from along with current emerging technologies in the industry
Questions asked (and those I've asked when interviewing) were more tailored towards finding out who the candidate is as a person and their work ethics. Previous experience obviously is explored but ultimately the hiring manager wants to know if the candidate will be able to work and contribute to their team.
be ready to answer any questions from their resume. be honest and if they don't know something, just be honest about it. Cisco employees are very knowledgeable and it is not good to answer incorrectly just for the sake of answering a question. In conclusion, I can say honesty can be the most important factor.
Learn about Cisco, technical and other market interests. When you do technical interview, don't over exposure yourself. In other words, if you not 100% sure about it don't mention it, talk something you know pretty well. (be honest)
- Questioning will lead to a point where your meant to fail. Relax, it�s okay to not know the answer. Its more important how you handle these objections and provide a follow up. - Never lie or guess but rather provide a solution to attain the answer.
Know thyself and be confident in that even though you dont know the company and industry well, you will have done your research, be willing and open to learn, and motivated for future success.