Sustainability at Cisco

Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.

Sells, promotes and uses solutions that reduce traditional power consumption in the IT and office space. Christmas shutdown period - shut-down offices and services that has a significant reduction in power consumption, leading to reduced fossil fuel consumption that produces power and reduced CO2 emissions.
Midlevel, Sydney
Cisco has moved into hot desking to remove our carbon footprint and as our new building is in progress we will most likely have state of the art facilities.
Midlevel, Sydney
Many of our technologies are design to reduce carbon footprint. Hardware are built to be eco-friendly.
Graduate, St. Leonards
We use efficient technologies to save energy and try to offer these technologies to our customers worldwide.
Experienced, Sydney
Aside from recycled print paper and use of our own technologies for energy savings and efficiencies I'm not sure what we do for carbon footprint.
Midlevel, Sydney
We only use paper when the customer needs it. Else we only bother electrons
Graduate, Melbourne