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Clean Energy Regulator

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Diversity & Inclusion

As part of the APS (Australian Public Service), the Clean Energy Regulator positions itself as a leader when it comes to diversity in employment. The agency aims to attract and support staff from all walks of life to contribute to the purpose of accelerating carbon abatement for Australia. Clean Energy Regulator’s diversity values are showcased notably by their involvement in the APS RecruitAbility and Indigenous Trainee programs.


Employment with the Clean Energy Regulator is covered by the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Public Service Act 1999, both of which seek to ensure fairness for all staff, regardless of gender. Moreover, the Clean Energy Regulator continues to ensure equal participation of women and men in all areas of their work. 

The Clean Energy Regulator works closely with the Sex Discrimination Commissioner to not only ensure gender diversity is embraced from an employment point of view, but forms part of the workplace culture.

Staff are regularly provided training on matters of sexual harassment, violence against women and other barriers to gender equality. The APS has a strong focus on raising awareness of domestic violence, through targeted staff training and awareness programs. 

The agency aligns with the ideals of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner to create an inclusive workplace where both men and women are supported to succeed, with their contributions valued and celebrated.


The Clean Energy Regulator is committed to ensuring employees have a better understanding of the culture, history and traditions of Indigenous Australians. Through internal training and awareness programs, together with unique employment opportunities for 

The Clean Energy Regulator provides an Indigenous Trainee Program which gives successful applicants the chance to rotate through key areas of the agency, with full support and an opportunity to obtain a Certificate 3 in Government. This is just one entry point for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join the Australian Public Service.

Another key focus within the agency is promoting staff involvement in Indigenous celebrations such as NAIDOC week and National Reconciliation week to encourage understanding and recognition of Indigenous people. 

To read more about indigenous graduate at Clean Energy Regulator, read a day in the life of Dean Allen.

This year Clean Energy Regulator are participating in centralised recruitment through the Indigenous Graduate Pathway.

As an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander you will be able to complete one application and be considered for multiple Agencies and Departments within the Australian Public Service (APS).

2022 Indigenous Graduate Pathway Opportunies

Graduate Job

Through the Indigenous Graduate Pathway, graduate positions are available across many Australian Government and Commonwealth agencies.


The Clean Energy Regulator believes that an inclusive and diverse workforce benefits everyone – their employees, agency, and the community as a whole.  Through their RecruitAbility program focusing on providing employment opportunities for people of all abilities, as well as participation in the National Disability Strategy, the Clean Energy Regulator promotes an inclusive working environment where everybody can thrive.

Through close links with the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, the Clean Energy Regulator encourages change in the way disability employment opportunities are managed. Having developed disability standards and guidelines, the Clean Energy Regulator has actively engaged with the As One: Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy. 

The Clean Energy Regulator strategy links in with the National Disability Strategy (NDS), which aims to improve the workforce participation of people with a disability across Australia. It has two parts:

  • To change the way people think about disability, particularly in an employment setting.
  • To improve the tools, systems and procedures required to create a diverse workforce.

In line with this strategy, the Clean Energy Regulator actively participate in the government’s RecruitAbility program. The program encourages the hiring and support of staff with a disability. A key part of the program is recognising the skills and contributions of people with a disability, and providing reasonable workplace adjustments to allow valued contributions in a supportive environment.

The Clean Energy Regulator also provides disability awareness training sessions to managers and staff to become ‘disability confident’ and learn more about inclusive behaviours and language when working with people with a disability.

To read more about disability at the Clean Energy Regulator, read a day in the life of Hong Bui, graduate at Legal Services at the Clean Energy Regulator.


The Clean Energy Regulator facilitates and promotes a workplace culture that embraces and celebrates diversity. They firmly believe that sexuality should create no barrier towards all people feeling safe and supported at work.

The Clean Energy Regulator is committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment, where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or gender diverse and/or intersex (LGBTI) employees feel respected, valued and are empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

In addition to providing the same opportunities to all staff regardless of sexuality, the APS as a whole is committed to training staff on issues affecting LGBTI people, in order to create a more inclusive environment and community as a whole.

Cultural diversity

The Clean Energy Regulator celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity and aims to create a workplace where people can be proud of their heritage and be themselves without fear of discrimination.

The Clean Energy Regulator takes guidance from the Australian Human Rights Commission, to build better leadership for a modern, culturally diverse society. This involves training and support for leaders, promoting cultural sensitivity, and celebrating the different cultures that contribute to Australia.

The agency believes all workplaces should be free from bias, and is continually working to ensure the unique cultural heritage of staff is embraced and celebrated.

Awards, accreditations and memberships

The Clean Energy Regulator is a silver member of The Australian Network on Disability.  

Through this membership, the Clean Energy Regulator is able to ensure we build on our disability confidence and ensure our recruitment processes and systems are barrier-free for people with a disability to access.