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A day in the life of…

Law Graduate at Clyde & Co

Nathanael Fisher studied Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology Sydney in 2017, and is now a Law Graduate at Clyde & Co.


My alarm goes off extra early this morning. I am headed to work from Clyde & Co's Perth office for the next few days.


Having checked-in all OK I board my flight.


My commute to Perth begins. I read the Australian Financial Review every morning, particularly focusing on articles which are relevant to the legal industry (such as domestic and international politics and the Hayne Royal commission and its consequential effects that we are beginning to surface). After about 45 minutes of this I begin reading various legal documents which will be subject of several meetings in the upcoming days.

8.00am (Perth time)

Once landed, I head directly to the office where I change into a suit, and am shown to my office for the next few days. 


I check in with one of the senior members of the team to discuss the material to be covered in the upcoming meetings.


I head downstairs with one of my friends from the Perth office and grab a coffee and something else to eat.


As my first meeting is not for another hour, I continue to work on one of the tasks that I was completing yesterday in the Sydney office. As a graduate / associate in a contentious team, our role is to essentially assist senior lawyers within the team. This may include making required amendments to various legal documents as new witnesses / documents become available, reviewing documents and determining the relevance of them or addressing questions from various witnesses.


Our legal team has an internal meeting with Senior Counsel (Silk) in relation to an arbitration that is to be heard in Singapore soon. The typical role of graduates / associates in these meetings is to take thorough notes of what is discussed. Our Senior Counsel has several issues that he wants me to address prior to the commencement of the arbitration. At the end of the meeting, I have a chance to make a coffee in our kitchen. However, the General Counsel of our client, who is a gigantic global engineering and construction company, is attending our offices for a meeting, so I better be quick!


A lunchtime meeting with the client. We provide a full update to the client on the progress of particular issues (both of strength and concern) and seek further instructions. The client has several questions regarding the upcoming matter which we address.


By the end of the meeting I have been writing furiously for almost 2.5 hours (subject to a few sandwich breaks) so I head downstairs and grab me third and final coffee for the day.


I return to my desk and begin reviewing the file notes that I have taken of the two meetings. I then scan them to Clyde & Co's internal database and save them to the relevant matter so that other members of our legal team can access them if required.


I have a debrief of this morning's two meetings with the senior lawyers in our team and then get to work. I am just happy that I do not need to write anymore! When working at my desk, I ordinarily listen to music as it helps me focus. My go-to playlists are something along the lines of the Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings soundtracks.


It is time for perhaps the most important time of the day – gym. To be able to break away from the office for an hour and not think about work realigns my focus. This is particularly important just before trial (or an arbitration in this case) as it really helps manage stress levels. I would implore all aspiring law students to make time for the gym at least several times a week upon commencing a graduate position.


Ordinarily, I would be heading back to the office to complete the tasks that I have been working on during the day and writing a "to-do" list so that I can hit the ground running in the morning. However, tonight we are taking the client out for dinner. Client dinners are typically held at restaurants which I would normally not eat at. In other words they are very fancy!


I have checked into my hotel and head straight to bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day of meetings and further preparation for the arbitration.

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