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Rebecca Badra

7.30 AM

Sung as a bug in a rug – and then my alarm goes off. Time to start the day.

8.45 AM

Arrive at work and check my emails. I like to write a to-do list for the day before 9:00 am so that I can start my day with a clear head.

9.00 AM

Photo day! I got my Corporate Photo taken today (took about 15 minutes to get the perfect shot).

9.30 AM

Two colleagues and I got together and discussed how advocacy has changed in the legal profession, especially due to technology and COVID-19. We want to try and find a way that young lawyers can still gain experience and the knowledge we need to go to Court confidently.

10.00 AM

To-do list time – most of my day consists of reviewing a Plaintiff’s medical documents to create a chronology of their medical history. These can be really interesting, and they help a lot with lowering the damages a Plaintiff will get in the matter.

1.00 PM

Food time (finally)! My favourite time of day. This morning I decided to “forget” my lunch and ordered a nice chicken bowl instead. Today I ate on our balcony with some of the other Graduates, a good meal, and a decent tan!

2.00 PM

Back to work! I received some ad-hoc tasks to do during the day, so onto my to-do list, they go. I get a wide range of tasks, some tasks involve drafting letters to other parties in our matter, sometimes I will draft a subpoena or even research tasks. Today most of my tasks were completing medical chronologies for different matters and creating a timeline of important dates for a new matter that has just commenced.

3.00 PM

I needed a pick-me-up – time for a quick coffee with a colleague. There are so many great options in the city (forever grateful).

5.30 PM

After checking the last task off my to-do list – it’s time to go home!

6.00 PM

Luckily for me, today is a rest day at the gym. However, I have just started College of Law, and so it’s time to get up to date on my assignments.

10.00 PM

After procrastinating my College of Law work, and watching YouTube for way too long, it’s time for bed.