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Corporate Social Responsibility at Cochlear

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Our company runs engineering tours and 'exploration days' to help encourage children into STEM careers. As one of the few Australian design and manufacture sites, this is perceived as a social responsibility within the business. Additionally, the nature of the work (producing medical devices) means that all the people within this business feel passionately about making people's lives better. There is a strong sense of responsibility to the recipient of our devices; we aim to make things which are of a high quality and safe.
Cochlear sponsors employees to participate in city2surf each year and encourages raising money for charities.
Not much commitment to climate change, or large scale issues. But very interested in STEM 50/50 and attracting young people to STEM.
I would consider the company's mission quite socially responsible, as it is very rewarding working for a company that provides and restores hearing to lots of different people.