Carly Gilbert

Carly Gilbert

University of Melbourne
SSC Graduate
Carly studied Bachelor of Commerce at University of Melbourne

What do you love about Buying and Trading?

Every day is different and challenging - I don’t have a set schedule, I’m never stuck behind a desk all day, and I get to talk to dozens of different stakeholders across the business. You will become a passionate expert of the products in your Merchandise category, and you have to carefully balance a variety of priorities and opinions in your everyday decision making. There is a combination of reactive work and forward-planning to manage – you will never get bored!

What is the coolest experience you’ve had in this function so far?

As a graduate in the Dairy Milk category I got to visit a local farmer in Adelaide to watch the cows’ milking schedule and see a cow get artificially inseminated. It made me realise how important the local agricultural supply chain is in Australia – the more milk I can sell, the more these farmers and their communities will benefit.

Why Coles?

The office is constantly buzzing with energy, excitement and ideas – it is an inspiring place to work and you are surrounded by some of the most intelligent retail minds from around the world. I worked in supermarket retail throughout school and university and enjoy the fast-pace, high-pressure nature of the industry. Coles has customer satisfaction at the epicentre of every decision, and it is rewarding to see your work benefiting the community.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before starting in the Graduate program, what would it be?

Ask lots of questions. The first few months in any new job can be daunting, so bite little bits off at a time and master something new each week. Set up regular catch ups with your line manager to show them your achievements – at the end of the program your actions will speak for themselves and give you the best chance of landing a full-time role.