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Corporate Social Responsibility at Coles

8.2 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 40 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Responsible sourcing of ingredients, Second bite (food for homeless), Red Kite (Cancer donation)
I am blown away at some of the initiatives that Coles develop. They are evident in every function/department of the business. Regarding some of the areas I've worked in: always looking to reduce impact of packaging on environment, high ethical and suitability standards for private label (e.g. all Coles brand palm oil sustainable), including trolleys to accommodate disabled kids in stores, recycling plastic bags into materials used to build public benches/park equipment, sustainable sourcing choices for our catalogue/magazine, developing websites that hearing and visually impaired audiences can use, our continued work with several charities including Red Kite, Second Bite and the Cancer Council (to name a few).
We have a dedicated sustainability team that always looks at how we can move towards bettering our environment and lowering our carbon footprint - we have had many initiatives in this respect including one which has rendered our company almost paperless; by massively reducing printing.
Coles is always initiating bold improvements to the community from responsibly sourced seafood, fair trade and have a massive impact in community and charity partners. Stores are frequently raising funds for local charities, and Coles as a whole is largely involved with fundraising for national charity partners.