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Corporate Social Responsibility at Coles

7.7 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 65 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Minimal CSR, getting better but could do a lot more given the size of the company.
Organics recycling to reduce food waste (I have been involved in), donating leftover food to Secondbite to reduce waste
Social awareness, participating in great causes, generous donations to make a difference to the community and farmers etc.
Currently there is an organisational wide push towards mental health, there is also a strong culture of teams going out to help out with our partner NFPs. I have volunteered at a place called Pinchapoo which provides health packs to less fortunate Australians with my Team.
Secondbite, Red Kite and Bowel Cancer Australia are 3 foundations we regularly sponsor inside the SSc and out in stores. I've worked on the secondbite campaign personally, and there's been many opportunities to work in local charity.
There are lots of eco-friendly projects going on throughout the company and there are constant efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of customers
Redcycle, Secondbite, hummingbird house, redkite, various employment agencies
Various measures, mainly to do with environment, community etc.
It is constantly address in team strategy meetings
Coles does a lot in this space - nurture fund, solar panel projects, innovation fund, supporting farmers etc
Actively pursuing sustainability goals, invest heavily in the community through different funds and charities, invest in employee health and wellbeing
It is in our purpose. I have just worked on a project to present to our ELT on this.
Coles has tried several no-waste supermarkets. It also has an innovator fund - aimed at implementing projects which will reduce carbon footprints and improve in-store processes. Coles partners with Second Bite, the Red Cross, Collingwood FC and Movember.