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Culture at Coles

7.3 rating for Culture, based on 64 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Great work life balance, focus on everyone being true to themselves
Depends on function, however overall culture is good. Some areas are more political than others. Lots of events external to every day work that provides for good working culture.
The culture is quite varied depending on department and team. The team I am currently in have a positive culture and everyone gets along quite well. I think Coles generally have a fairly good culture.
Everyone is always willing to help out and fill gaps in knowledge. Enjoy celebrating the milestones - big and small. Give back to the community. Great place to build network, in and out of work hours.
There is a strong culture towards flexible working and having a balanced lifestyle.
Good culture overall. Certain teams are always under the pump, hardly take proper meal breaks or will eat at their desks due to workload and work long hours to get work done.
My company provides many great opportunities to work in a manner that suits me. Obviously there is an expectation to get my work done, however I can go about this in a way that works for me. Whether that be working from home or in the office. My company has gone through a recent structure change, however this has been supported by the change in group strategy.
Can vary from team to team but on the most part the team members band together to push through challenges, often the systems and processes can provide these challenges but for the most part the culture is good.
Very friendly and supportive. Generally very positive and professional.
Grad program is a great way to connect and make friends;
Culture is supportive at the support levels from a work life balance, but not at stores. Hierarchy is traditional and communication is poor across levels/functions. Cooperation/teamwork can happen, but largely depends on who you know not just what you know.
Structure and hierarchy is well-defined but people aren't off limits, cooperation and teamwork is very easy and encouraged, socialising is common amongst grads and most of the young-ish crowd
Apart from some concerns around restructuring, everyone gets along very well, more than happy to go out of their way to help each other, work together well and have lots of socialising opportunities
Plenty of opportunities for social activities. Structure and hierarchy is very defined. Teamwork is encouraged to achieve results.
Very hierarchical, hard to get projects moving quickly. Culture is great both in and out of the office. Good cooperation and teamwork.
In culture in the legal team at Coles is great, in the office it is exceptionally supportive and collegiate. I have met plenty of people at Coles who I would call friends after hours, I even live with 2. The structure could be leaner in certain places outside of my function but you would get that in any organisation.
Culture has improved over the past few years, but there are still clear blockers to a positive and productive culture. Upper management aren't overly engaged in team member beneath them which can feel isolating and impersonal. My peers are all cooperative and supportive, and I've made some definite life long friendships working here.
Positive working environment with open plan office space. Some areas of the business are agile. Culture of celebration and big opportunities.
The biggest contributor to making my transition into my first full-time role so seamless was attending my Network Planning team's monthly social prior to beginning full-time. This allowed me to get to know everyone on a personal and social level, forming a friendly relationship, enabling me to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed during my first month in the office. Our team is very social; we eat lunch together most days, have weekly Wednesday afternoon teas, play soccer on Friday lunch times and have monthly Friday night drinks.
Good work life balance, less social as you are not in the city, a lot of support from colleagues. There is a hierarchy across the business.