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Diversity at Coles

7.8 rating for Diversity, based on 66 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
Diversity is great with focus on minority communities & high levels of respect exists across all types. Freedom to be yourself.
Coles say a lot about diversity but I don't see it translated very well - especially in relation to gender
Ally program for LGBT, child care programs during school holidays, committed to gender balance.
They always strive for equality in all ways
We have a great culture celebrating diversity and inclusion.
There are clear metrics identified by management here to help boost gender equality within management positions. Even in a digital field that doesn't have a high female participation rate, I have seen many female leaders in Tech teams. On LGBTQ inclusion, an ally program supporting team members has been set up and supported from an Exec level too.
Commitment to diversity is something that is seemingly always on the agenda - as it should be. Whether it be in recruitment, progression, retention, child care and maternity.
LGBT, Indigenous employment, women in leadership. Retention is high but always room for improvement.
Programs specifically designed to promote diversity. Huge focus at the moment
Coles recognises, celebrates and ensures that all "minorities" are acknowledged, encouraged and supported.
Parents room, working from home, flexible hours, access with lifts and ramps, standing desk options, prayer rooms etc.
I believe we have market leading policies in this space
Coles is the biggest employer of indigenous Australians nationwide. It is also heavily involved in inclusion and diversity, celebrating International Women's/Men's Day, R U OK? Day and the LGBTQI community.
The company is very good with educating team members on diversity with LGBTQ allies having training, as well as indigenous recognition at meetings among other things.
The company respects all employees with respect to diversity. Majority of staff wear stickies on their name badges to highlight they support those differing backgrounds, sexuality etc. In regards to child care and maternity leave coles is very considerate. during school holidays the company offers a holiday program to aide staff. They also promote flexible working arrangements so parents can support their children.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
Committed to be a leading indigenous employer.
Show awareness of issues and support.
I am unsure of the applicant process. However Coles hires the most indigenous team members of any company in australia.
Dedicated Inclusion team; dedicated Indigenous team
Recruitment strategy focuses on this.
Has some measures and targets in place
Coles is the largest employer of Aboriginals within Australia. I have seen quite a few articles about Coles ensuring there is equal opportunity for all roles
Yes - big focus on indigenous workers
There is an aboriginal integration program